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Clean Safe with Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Introducing A Complete System
To Simplify Your Cleaning
Help the Environment by using Environmentally Friendly Products

Healthy Homes Plus provides environmentally friendly cleaning products, that represent the housecleaning of tomorrow, Healthy Homes Plus products are totally water based concepts and will in due course replace traditional outdated cleaning methods. They reduce the use of cleaning chemicals by up to 90%, which not only removes the risks to your health but also preserves our environment. 

Healthy Homes Plus complete water based cleaning system uses a revolutionary "intelligent" combination of Microfiber products. The system not only allows you to get things clean faster, it also contributes to a higher quality of life and a better future for you, your family and for people all over the world.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Healthy Homes Plus environmentally friendly water based concept represents the cleaning of tomorrow, available today. This system is rapidly replacing traditional, outdated cleaning methods. It reduces the consumption of cleaning chemicals by up to 90%, which preserves our environment. Because the Healthy Homes Plus concept allows a drastic reduction in the use of chemicals and disposable products, you'll save money and substantially reduce the impact of toxins and waste on the environment. The concept's easy-to-use, lightweight-cleaning equipment makes cleaning faster and more enjoyable, and ensures the best possible results. Thanks to specially designed and effective cleaning equipment, cleaning times are cut by up to 75% and work is more enjoyable.

Healthy Homes Plus has set an entirely new standard for cleanliness. The concept allows you to achieve optimum results in very demanding environments. It offers a unique system for interior cleaning and floor care, and provides you with the assurance that you are truly getting things clean.easy, safe and fast.

Safe for the Environment and your FamilyImagine How Easy Your Cleaning Will Be Using Water As Your Only Cleanser!

With all the data now available regarding the dangers of toxic chemicals and the new information about the effects of traditional cleaning on the body, we realized there had to be a better way. Our ultra fine Microfiber Clever Cleaning system comes to you after many years of research, development and practical testing in the field. Our system gets things cleaner than traditional methods, is much easier on you and the environment, and gives you more time for yourself and your family.

Whatever you need to clean, Healthy Homes Plus has the right equipment: dust and window microfiber cloths, laundry solutions, microfiber mops and handles and a handy spray bottle for water, all designed to minimize repetitive strain on your body, and make everything sparkling clean in much less time.

Why and How the System works:

Technology has created a complete Clever Cleaning System starting with the world's most intelligent mops which far surpasses the effectiveness of the "old traditional" way of mopping. The traditional use of mops is very unhealthy. 

When you mop with a traditional mop, did you know that you're starting with an already contaminated cleaning tool? It's true, because there's dirt, bacteria and chemical residue left over in the mop from your last cleaning. Then the existing bacteria from the mop and the dirty floor continue to spread every time you dunk your mop in the bucket of warm water. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does.the bacteria then eats the protein in your cleaning chemicals and multiplies. Yuck! Who knew there was so much going on while you were trying to clean your floor!

You were forced to use harsh, even hazardous chemicals to kill the legions of bacteria. Now these chemicals usually dry in 3-5 minutes but.what no one tells you is these bacteria killing chemicals are only effective if they stay wet for at least 10 minutes. So all of the surviving bacteria, the veterans of the sanitary war that are left on your floor, will hitch rides on dust particles and stay in the air where they winds up, you guessed it, in your lungs and back in your body. 

If that's not enough to make you sick, it gets worse.from a physical standpoint you've got the hassle of lugging buckets around your house and bottles of dangerous hazardous chemical products that you have to measure out. Even one mistake trying to carry a mop from the kitchen to the bathroom can be disastrous. How many times have you been able to do it without spilling one drop on the carpet? Not an easy task. 

So to summarize, when cleaning the traditional way the dirt and germs are just smeared around and are not completely absorbed nor removed, and washing with chemicals leaves a film of moisture that promotes the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Obviously there had to be a better way

Besides all the dangers and difficulties associated with traditional cleaning methods. Everyone has something they would rather be doing than cleaning! What would you do with the extra time you'd have if you could eliminate three quarters of the time you now spend cleaning or preparing to clean? Would you relax more? Would you perhaps finish that personal project you've wanted to complete?

Maybe you'd finally get to read that great novel that's been gathering dust on your nightstand? Would you like to garden, shop, hit the gym or the day spa? Spend more time playing with your kids before they've grown up? I'm sure you can come up with dozens of things you'd rather do. Time is one of the additional benefits the Healthy Homes Plus System gives to you and your customers.