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Own Your Own Factory Direct Business

Healthy Homes Plus offers individuals the opportunity to become Independent Business Owners and to grow their company to what ever level of success they desire.  Healthy Homes Plus  ( a division of Hydropure Inc.) provides products and services to you, the business owner, allowing you to create your own niche in the market place through one on one, group or retail sales.  Ultimately it allows you time to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of self employment.   Healthy Homes Plus prides itself on being a company that provides products to you the Independent Business owner allowing you to market as you choose.

  1. Buy for yourself at wholesale
  2. Buy for yourself at wholesale and sell at retail
  3. Sell at trade shows
  4. Sell at farmers markets
  5. Do fundraisers
  6. Do one on one presentations
  7. Do group presentations
  8. Do mailers
  9. Gather customers who order direct using your ID#

Simply refer customers to HHP with your ID#  and they can phone, fax and email their orders directly to the Head Office.  We will ship directly to the customer.  If qualified you can enjoy the benefits of earning income on everything they purchase.



Living healthier everyday in all areas

  • Eliminating chemicals in our homes
  • Seeking out products that will benefit our homes and enrich our lifestyles

Products Factory Direct to the consumer

  • Elimination of the need for a middle man


  • Ongoing Support and Training
  • Consistent support and dedication to your success
  • The support is based on your dedication and input
  • A team of individuals with focus and vision towards growing trends
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Key components and fundamentals in place for future growth


  • Continuing product development 
  • New products introduced on a seasonal basis


Healthy Homes Plus has the focus and innovation in current business trends and future business development. Our goal is to move forward and build a company focused on health and well being and thus achieving success in all areas pertaining to this concept. Being a substantial Factory Direct Company is a key component to the growth and success of Healthy Homes Plus and each Independent Business Owner. We actively seek out those with similar interest and desires, those committed to the health of the home and ultimately the families that dwell within.


Enormous Growth Potential -  The Possibilities Are Endless

  1. Healthy Homes Plus rewards Independent Business Owners for seeking out individuals interested in creating growth and volume in their business.
  2. Healthy Home Plus creates incentives for organizational growth by rewarding you with cash for finding families who purchase items for their homes.
  3. Healthy Homes Plus has created a program for individuals who excel in creating volume.



Healthy Homes Plus is a Canadian owned company, established by Darleen Miller-MacKenzie to provide individuals from all over Canada an opportunity to earn exceptional income while educating families on the hazards of in-home chemicals. Healthy Homes Plus is a forward-marching company that is quickly earning a great reputation in Canada for quality, exclusive products and an income potential that is unparalleled.

The corporate Healthy Homes Plus family is dedicated to providing you with:

  • The best products
  • The best service
  • The best support
  • The best recognition


  • Relationships are emphasized by putting people first
  • Children are our future.. Healthy Homes Plus products are safe and promote healthy living
  • Recognition and self-esteem drive the world
  • Friendships are critical..life is meant to be enjoyed!
  • Trust is a vital part of your success
  • Healthy Homes Plus believes in a complete and positive attitude
  • Fun is an essential ingredient on our team