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About Us

Darleen Miller-MacKenzie founded Healthy Homes Plus in 1995. As a hard working self starter, she was introduced to a microfiber cleaning cloth and her business grew from the basement of her home in a small town in rural Alberta. She used and demonstrated functional, high-quality cleaning products that used only water. Often in conventional cleaning many harmful chemicals are used and with this method she was able to introduce a new form of cleaning our homes that is ultimately safer and healthier. Many products have been designed around this concept since then but the mission and drive of Darleen still stand, to inform and educate families that there is another way to clean and care for our homes; the chemical free way.

Darleen recognized the need for quality products without the use of harmful chemicals. The home is a natural setting for this method of selling. Customers could see how the products worked. The home presentation method of selling also gave Darleen a flexible work schedule, allowing a balance between career and family responsibilities. Healthy Homes Plus had a modest beginning, with Darleen's home in Alberta serving as the office and warehouse. By the end of the first full year, her sales had grown to a point where she had to recruit the help of her family just to keep up with the demand. Anticipated continual growth of this incredible concept has exceeded all of her expectations and now the focus is to expand and help the independent business owners success as well.

Darleen, along with the help of her family, focuses on the mission of preserving a family environment and quality of the home. Independent business owners and customers across the country embrace the company and its high-quality products, and the service it provides. From its humble beginning, the company has been committed to fostering entrepreneurship. Today, Healthy Homes Plus is a rapidly expanding enterprise with a goal to touch more families lives across Canada, and with a reputation as the premier wholesale marketer of high-quality products to the healthy homes it reaches.