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ChefWare Waterless Cookware

Waterless Cooking

Traditionally, most cooking has been done in water. Unfortunately, cooking in water often takes out many of the nutrients, as well as the flavor of the food. A method to avoid losing the natural nutrition of the food is to cook it in a near-waterless environment, using the food's natural juices. This is the concept behind ChefWare, also known as Waterless Cooking

ChefWare Waterless CookwareFirst of all, consider the issues that people have when considering cooking food:

  • Ease of cooking

  • Amount of time cooking takes

  • How difficult it is to clean the cookware 

  • Amount of fat and oil in the food 

  • Taste of the food 

  • Amount of nutrition left in the food 

ChefWare satisfies all the above criteria that a person could have in cooking. Cooking with ChefWare is easy and takes less time than conventional cooking. The heat is evenly distributed, there is no burning or sticking, making the pots easier to clean. You also don't have to use oil to prevent sticking. The food cooks in its natural juices, so it tastes terrific and has more vitamins left in it.

Features of ChefWare Construction:
  • High grade stainless steel used to protect food

  • Flat bottom used for efficient heat transfer

  • Bottom plate used to evenly distribute heat

  • Special lid used to keep water from escaping

  • Steam valve used to announce when to turn off heat

  • Iron core used to retain heat

To learn more about the health benefits of waterless cooking, watch our ChefWare Slide Presentation

ChefWare Stainless Steel Complete Set ChefWare Stainless Steel Complete Set - 22 piece Waterless Cookware Set with T304 Stainless Steel. 9 element construction provides fast even heat distribution and no hot spots.
Stainless Steel Bakeware Set Stainless Steel Bakeware Set - If you love cakes, pies and cookies, not to mention pizza, you will love our ChefWareTM 9pc Stainless Steel Bakeware Set. All pieces are made of extra heavy gauge 304 surgical stainless steel.
Multi-Baker/Roaster with Wire Rack Multi-Baker/Roaster with Wire Rack. This roaster goes from oven or stove top to the table.
Stainless Steel Waterless Oversized Skillet Precise HeatT Stainless Steel Oversized Skillet, Steamer and Cover. For the meal that needs a bigger skillet than you own, you need our stainless steel oversized skillet.
Start Your Own Home Based Business
Selling Waterless Cookware With ChefWare!

ChefWare offers Individuals a home based business opportunity to start their own their own home base business and to grow their company to what ever level of success they desire.

ChefWare ( a division of Hydropure Inc.) provides support which allows you to create your own niche in the market place through home cooking demonstrations. Ultimately it allows you time to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of self employment.

ChefWare takes pride in the fact that it provides a system and on going training which allow you to market our waterless cookware as you choose.

ChefWare offers the individual and families a healthier method of food preparation which brings more health and vitality into the lives of those who cook with the ChefWare cookware.

Wishing you the Best!

ChefWare Marketing Team

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