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Electro Activation could be one of
the most important discoveries in years

Dr. V Turovetsky Ph. D., University of Moscow, Department of Biophysics published a study 2002 on Cell Survivability and Intracellular Ph, in his report he gives an explanation of the properties of Anolyte. In his report he stated that the immune system, in particular Macrophage, which are white blood cells, showed increase activity after exposure to the Anolyte solution. This increased immune response was a result of the Anolyte solutions ability to change intracellular physiology, the changes included accelerated hydration, increased Ph, decreased cell membrane damage and an increase in intracellular oxidative redox potential ORP.

This is important to good health!

Here are the benefits of Activated water for the human body:

  • Improves digestion
  • Expels toxins
  • Reduces pulse rates
  • An anti oxidant
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Decreases tiredness
  • Improves concentration and alertness
  • Helps relieve headaches
  • Increases stamina 
  • Promotes growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria

Electro Activated cell water affects the basic core of cell biology. Clinically, is has been found that this water is capable of restoring function in the cells of the body. Activated water helps eliminate deeply held toxins such as heavy metals, drugs, chemicals, food toxins, medications and more. Users are reporting powerful health benefits from a very wide variety of health problems. They report increased energy, a greater sense of well being, overall detoxification, decreased cravings for junk food, more stable sleep patterns, improved hair, skin, nails and many other health complaints being alleviated. All water is not created equal. Activated water has the ability to penetrate every cell and tissue, hydrating the body in a way that isn't experienced with any other type of water product.

Dangerous Drinking Water

Our drinking water is in bad condition. It is chlorinated, fluoridated, and treated with chemicals to a point where it is irritating, often dangerous liquid instead of a healthy drink. According to scientific studies, city tap water has been found to contain as many as 500 different disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites. Herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers find their way into ground water, further contaminating and polluting our water supplies. Many experts agree that chemically treated and contaminated tap water is not fit for human consumption and can be one of the major causes of chronic and degenerative illnesses in our bodies.

Bottled and purified waters can also be detrimental to our health, since the industry isn't closely regulated. We've all heard about the 20/20 investigative reporting in which various water companies were exposed for placing chlorinated tap water in bottles and selling them as purified, spring and mineral water.

The Importance of Water

Water makes up almost 97% of the human body. Every cell is regulated, monitored and dependent on an efficient flow of water. Brain cell messages are transported on "waterways" to the nerve endings. Water transports minerals, vitamins, proteins and sugar around the body for assimilation. Water maintains our body's equilibrium and temperature, lubricates tissues, flushes wastes and toxins, hydrates the skin, and acts as shock absorbers for joints, bones and muscles.

When your body gets enough water, it works at its peak; fluid retention decreases, gland and hormone functions improve, the liver breaks down and releases more fat, and hunger is curtailed. Lack of water plays a role in aliments such as chronic constipation and urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, kidney stones, fatigue, obesity, hair, skin and nail problems, many degenerative disease, and more. We need water to live, flourish and be healthy.

The Importance of Electro Activated Cell Water 

Cell Water creates clusters of water. Clustered water is a specifically structured form of water found to be instrumental in key cellular functions of the human body. The molecular structure of this biological water-unlike rain, mineral or tap water-has the particular characteristics that allows it to pass freely through cell wall, delivering nutrients, improving cellular functions, enhancing cell regeneration, hydrating cells and helping to detoxify cells and tissues. Studies show Activated O2 Cell Water helps to detoxify and open up your cells, enabling your body to hydrate much more efficiently than it can with tap or bottle water.

Water clusters are found in high concentrations in our young cells.in fact a newborn baby's body contains 100% clustered water. As we age, the clusters destabilized and often become bound to free radicals and other internal pollutants. At age 36, average water clusters drops to only 56% and by the age of 58, water clusters in the body can be as low as 23%. This is significant because even a 2% loss of water within our cells can damage our cells and decrease energy levels by as much as 20%.

Activated Cell Water when looked at under a microscope exhibits a beautiful hexagonally (six sided) shaped water molecule. It is made up of six H2O molecules held together by shared hydrogen atoms.

Electro Activated Cell Water

All water is not created equal! Most oxygenated water is created through pressure or various forms of injection thus simply creating "expensive burps"! Liquid O2 Cell Water is electro activated creating a water that has the highest oxygen content found and can remain stable for long periods of time allowing the oxygen to react all denied cells.

Electro Activated Cellular Water "ANOLYTE 100"

  • Dietary Supplement - Add 5 drops with water or take directly 3 times per day for normal oxygenation. For added benefits such as energy you may take as desired.
  • Example: Athletes or individuals performing strenuous tasks may want to take up to 30 drops 5 or 6 times per day. 
  • Pets - Animals thrive on Activated water. Add 5 drops to each filling of their water dish. Larger farm animals such as cattle and horses should consume Liquid O2 at approximately a 5 - 1 ratio for maximum results.
  • Sore Throat - Gargle and swallow at a minimum 5 - 1 mixture with water (100% if desired)
  • Heartburn/Digestion - Use a 5 - 1 dilution to 100% strength as required.
  • Alcohol Hangovers - Use approx. 4 - 8oz before bed to help with hangovers blues. Wake feeling refreshed. 
  • Water Purification - Add 10 drops per liter of water to preserve or purify.

Electro Activated Face and Body Spray "ANOLYTE 50"

  • Skin Irritations - Soak a cloth with 100% solution and gently massage and cover the skin area with this product as desired or until the desired results are obtained. 
  • Facial Cleaners -cleans oils and dirt from pores and allows the oxygen to revive and refresh the skin. Use at 100% strength on the cloth or pad for maximum results.
  • Cuts, Scrapes, Burns - Use at 100% strength to speed up recovery and disinfectant damage areas.
  • Bathing/Foot Soak -Activated bathing will rejuvenate your entire body. Add approx. 6-8 ounces per average bath to energize your cells and give you an overall sense of well being.
  • Hair - Use a minimum 5 - 1 to 100% strength for beautiful shiny hair w/o tangles
    (Promotes new hair growth)
  • Spray on the surface of the skin where it will re-hydrate and vitalize skin cells when absorbed. It will help reduce skin damage caused by Free Radicals and UV radiation.

Electro Activated Multi Purpose Water "ANOLYTE 25"

  • Daily household cleaning - For normal cleaning add to a spray bottle and dilute at a 3 to 1 ratio for disinfecting and cleaning. For areas of high bacteria growth use 100% solution.
  • Fruit & Vegetables - Use 3-1 ratio for washing all fruits and vegetables.
  • Fountains, Ponds & Cattle Feeders - Removes scum and algae from water leaving it crystal clear. Dilution will vary depending on application. Quite often a 50 - 1 ratio will work. (In some case ½ liter of Liquid O2 has completely cleaned large cattle water.)
  • Hand Wash - Carry in purse or pocket at 100% strength and spray on your hand when traveling, eating out, etc. The spray will eliminate germs and bacteria.
  • Carpet Stains - Use 100% strength
  • Animal Urine on Carpet - Use 100% strength
  • Children's Toys - Use 3 - 1 ratio
  • Massage Tables/Fitness Equipment - Use 3 -1 ratio